July 6, 2017

Minimise Your Reliance of the Fossil Fuel Energy System with Commercial Solar Panels in Darwin

We all need to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint, which is why more and more homeowners pay close attention to their power usage as well as attempt to cycle instead of driving when possible. However, a residential property’s carbon footprint is usually minimal compared to that of commercial premises, and even though you need to focus on making a profit, you should take steps towards making the world a greener place. Fortunately, a commercial solar inverter in Darwin can help you save money and do your part.

By having solar panels installed, you can minimise your dependence on harmful fossil fuels significantly – entirely in certain situations – and the savings you make on your electricity bill will make the installation investment worthwhile faster than you might expect. Correctly positioned solar panels can produce up to 9,000kWh of electricity for residential purposes, but a larger system can create more power than that. Provided you choose a reputable company who knows which panels and type of inverter you need, you can feel confident you won’t regret purchasing a commercial solar energy system in Darwin.

At AC Guys NT, we believe we’re the company to call for commercial solar power panels in Darwin. We utilised over 15 years of direct industry experience to start our business, and we source locally-manufactured materials and products to stimulate the local economy and offer fantastic warranties. We’re passionate about our industry because we thrive for a clean, green future, and we also take pride in helping business owners and residents save cash while being more environmentally friendly. Keep reading below to find out why our products are becoming increasingly popular.

The Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels in Darwin

Thanks to our ability to find the most suitable position and inverter for your panels, we can maximise the efficiency of your solar power system to help you make significant energy savings as well as take care of the environment. Here’s why solar panels are cost-effective:

  • Don’t pay what the electricity providers demand – We have very little say over how much the power firms charge for their energy, and even if you think their costs are high now, you can’t predict how much they’ll increase in the future. You don’t have to worry about their prices if you can make electricity on-site.
  • Make instant savings – Depending on which system install, you could either significantly minimise or eliminate your dependency on the grid.
  • Make some extra cash – If you have any excess power that you don’t need, you may be able to sell it to an electricity provider that will feed it back into the grid. Instant savings and the potential to make a small profit – solar panels are a win-win.

Find Out More Today

As you can see from the benefits listed above, solar panels can pay for themselves in the long run, and we believe there’s no better provider and installer to call than us. Contact us today to ask more about our commercial solar power energy systems in Darwin.